This week's episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke opens in the production trailer, with Sidney and his crew watching the live footage from the house as Rory goes missing and the camera cuts out.

Sidney hears the screams of his new assistant from just outside the trailer (the one who replaced the one throttled from the car by Piggyman) as she lies on the ground with blood pumping from her throat. From nowhere, Kathy Bates' Agnes the fake Butcher comes through and slices Sidney, cutting his stomach open and killing the cameraman.

With the Bloody ‘R’ of the MURDER still drying on the wall, the rest of the house goes in search for Rory who, unbeknownst to the Scooby gang, was slaughtered at the tail-end of the last episode. They find a pool of blood right where Rory was attacked but no body. Audrey is convinced that this is a joke played by production and that Rory left the show to go work with Brad Pitt on a new movie.

While they are inside trying to not lose their marbles, the blood-drenched schizophrenic pseudo-colonial woman that is Agnes is cracking up in the underground bunker — she's on that full blown Jekyll and Hyde flow. In the midst her of rambling, her candle goes out, and seconds later she's surrounded by those creepy Roanokan voodoo dolls, signifying she may not be as safe as she thought.

While the love triangle that is Matt-Shelby-Dominic argue inside the house, Agnes slips in and attacks Shelby, cutting her deep in the shoulder. And just as Agnes is about to take her murderous last swipe at Shelby’s gluten-free body, Dominic comes in and wrestles with Agnes, throwing her against the wall like a rag-doll — only for Agnes to mysteriously disappear from sight mere seconds later.

They all wait for Sidney and the rest of production to send an ambulance to take care of Shelby and her wounded shoulder, but Audrey, Lee, and Monet all set off to go find the production trailer to get it done themselves. They decide to go through the creepy hidden passageway, only to be met by the ghost of Edward Mott, who screams at them like a pissed-off Casper, causing them to run into the forest — which is the worst thing they could have done.

They finally stumble upon the production trailer, just to find the bodies of Sidney and the rest of the crew and learn they are stranded with no computers, phones, or cars to help them.

Agnes finds them and goes for the attack, only for Lee to bust a cap right in her delusional ass. As they all run away from Agnes, they become lost and scared for their lives. Sensing impending danger, Audrey makes a last recording for Rory confessing her love, only to look up and find the body of her (now dead) husband dangling above her.

Only moments after staring at Rory’s guts, the girls are abducted by those incest Brady Bunch hillbillies. They've taken Lee under their dirty fingernails first, tying her to a chair and seasoning her leg as if she's the menu for Thanksgiving dinner.

Mama Polk and her kids move into the other room where Audrey and Monet now sit bound together. Mama beckons them to eat what looks like beef jerky. And while they wish they were snacking on a Slim Jim’s, Mama's actually forcing to take a little nibble out of Lee’s flesh.

Back inside the house, which also contains Shelby, Matt and Dominic, Matt suddenly rises from bed — clearly possessed — and zombie walks down to the basement, with Dominic trailing him out of confusion. In the basement, Matt is seemingly met by a monster who takes him into its grasp.

Dominic runs upstairs to grab Shelby, who, mind you, just got her shoulder slashed open mere hours before. They both go back to the basement to find Matt doing the horizontal mambo with the original Supreme witch, played by Lady Gaga, just as it happened before.

In the biggest twist so far, we learn Matt came back for this homely magical creature because he loves her, which sends Shelby into a murderous rage. She grabs a crowbar and beats Matt’s brain to a pulp, because hell hath no fury like a woman whose ex-husband takes a witch to Poundtown.

AHS Roanoke

While Dominic and Shelby sit in utter disbelief, they hear noises from outside It turns out to be Agnes, who can apparently not only travel as fast as the The Flash, but can survive a bullet like Superman.

Not only is Agnes still alive, she's pouring gasoline around the house in preparation to burn it all to the ground. Behind her come the ghosts of the real Roanokans, including the real Butcher, who looks like Helena Bonham Carter in every Tim Burton film ever.

While Agnes bows at the feet of the woman who gave her identity, The Butcher simples raises her cleaver and chops Agnes' head in half, right down the middle, while Shelby and Dominic film from the bedroom window.

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