I love my vape.

My vape has helped me quit smoking for going on TWO YEARS! WHOOHOO!

A vape is like a good friend to me-always there when I need it and it never complains!

Vapes have been helping people (like me) quit a terrible and very unhealthy habit after many years of smoking cigarettes (I smoked for NINE years!), and it seems that more and more people are getting the message about making healthier choices like stop smoking for good.

It is no surprise that celebrities are adding to the ranks of those who have quit smoking and started vaping, such as Jack Black, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dave Grohl, Samuel L. Jackson, and Orange Is The New Black's Laura Prepon.

Now it looks like vaping may be a part of a budding romance between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who were spotted vaping together at the Golden Globes, fueling rumors of a budding romance between them. Ooh, Katy Perry better do that! Orlando Bloom is quite the hottie. DON'T STOP, GET IT, GET IT!

Meanwhile in Hollywood, after being busted vaping on camera at previous award shows, Oscar-nominee Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss have already been warned not to bring his vape to the Academy Awards!

There are many people who try to give vaping a terrible reputation, but when it comes down to smoking cigarettes or vaping e-juice, I have chosen to pick the HEALTHIER option, all day, every day!

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