As the warm sun pours through the studio window...I had to pull down the shades or by noon it's going to turn into a hotbox like summertime. I'm truly am enjoying these last bits of warmth before we dive back into normal temperatures for this time of year.

I mean what in the World is taking place right now? I heard Yakima broke heat records yesterday with a high of 73 degrees on the 1st day of December! So the big question is, are we going to even get snow AND will it land on Christmas?

Weather Watcher

Mike MacCabe our local weatherman gets the final word on this business but for the Accuweather fiends like myself here's the deal when it comes to snow for our holiday season.

  • Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 - With a high of 42 not sure if we will actually get flakes but the low is also 27 and there's enough moisture for rain so be prepared
  • Saturday, December 18th, and Sunday, December 19th, 2021 - It's a go people! With a high of 33 degrees on Saturday and Sunday a high of 31 degrees, there is snow for both days in the forecast. Probably a light dusting but if you haven't purchased a de-icer (I'm talking to myself) or a scraper, now would be a good time to put together your kit of warm gloves and supplies for easy access
  • Saturday, December 25th, 2021 - Christmas day looks like a high of 35, it will be grey outside but as of right now, there is no forecast for a white Christmas.
  • Monday, December 27th, and Tuesday, December 28th, 2021 - Another light dusting coming our way before the beginning of the new year

Watch Out

Thursday, December 30th, 2021 - the possibility of ice on the roads could make traveling a little dicey, please plan accordingly

So there you have it! I was hoping we'd have a white Christmas. My first one spent with my husband's family was magical, around 11 or so years ago and it snowed all day. I LOVE feeling like I'm in a snowglobe and we might have it later in January but as far as Christmas goes the only flakes you'll be seeing are your family and friends! ;) Love you, mean it!

Past Snow in Yakima

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