Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are at the center of a scandal that proposes their triumphant reggae-tinged bop was a result of song theft.

A Texas artist named Christopher R. O'Connor asserts in a new lawsuit that Grande and Minaj's hit single "Side to Side" is nothing more than a carbon copy of his original song "J5 (T6)," TMZ learned Thursday (March 29).

The artist explained to the gossip site that he believes his version was acquired by Universal Music Group Recordings then subsequently copied for the pop performers' smash number, which featured on Grande's 2016 Dangerous Woman album.

O'Connor told TMZ that he was instructed to send a demo after contacting UMG over what he considers was a copyright infringement. The company has not yet addressed the artist's song theft contentions, which apparently spans further than "J5 (T6)."

The composer also insinuates UMG has borrowed his songs on more than one occasion in order to create tracks for the likes of Taylor Swift and Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and is seeking royalties from the music group — not Grande or Minaj — in addition to songwriting credits for the track.

UMG has yet to respond with a statement concerning the charges.

Check out both tracks, above, and tell us whether you hear a resemblance between the two.

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