From the moment you open your eyes each morning, it's go, go, go

Have you taken a moment lately to slow down and be grateful? You are alive, you can make decisions, you go to work, pay bills and love on your family but are you grateful? Or are you searching for the next temporary fix?

We all do it, purchasing an item to fill a void. Fighting with a spouse because they just don't understand us. But why are we always pushing those closest to us, away? Possibly because we are not grateful for the support.

Psychic Medium Melissa Henyan messaged me a little bit ago with our topic and I totally dig it

Today, can we talk about gratitude? Being thankful for the redirects, the closed doors, the injuries that force us to re-examine our lives...

Everything happens for a reason. No. YES! Currently, you might not understand what is transpiring in your life, but trust, it's for the greater good.

I have been fighting a battle for a long while between my work and home life. Trying to find balance and fulfillment while going full steam ahead. It will just fall into place was my thought. Loads of arguments and negative reoccurring thoughts that WERE NOT and are not the reality of the situation, the other day I broke and it ******* felt great.

I woke up in the early morning hours and made note of the time. 5:52 am. My left ear was itchy and I was in a full-blown panic. I needed to leave, start over, pack up all my crap and go someplace new. Nope, what I needed to do was take a few deep breaths and address the elephant in the room. My shadows.

Past decisions that I had convinced myself were worked through, continued to pop up in my life. The more I pushed them down the more aggressively they were coming back up with a vengeance. I was lashing out at work and at my husband and I felt completely alone, out of control. I didn't recognize myself and had been feeling lost longer than I care to admit, but it was time and finally, I took control of ME.

I wrote down everything that I felt from the moment I woke-up, even if the thoughts weren't true they were what kept rolling around in my head, I wanted them out. Once they were on paper I began dissecting the signs. I looked up angel # 552 and was pleasantly surprised to discover it stands for positive change, keeping your mind focused on that positive change. It also stands for the sensual experience. It's always changing so building our lives solely on our sensual experience is like building a house made of sand. If we establish our lives firmly on the rocks of our spiritual experience we will grow in all areas.

Health and vitality in the midst of change = I need to start working out to get through this.

I woke up again at 6:55 am and made a note. Those numbers say it's time for growth. Be ready for the good and the bad. Prepare yourself. Spiritually, professionally and personally. Welcome it all with open arms. I have benevolent forces bent on destroying me and my angels warn me against the negative influence. Take a stand and let the world know where my life and the lives of my loved ones stand.

It made me so happy to read this and I started to feel at peace. We need to be deliberate about our actions and I will know that I am not the first one to say I truly believe social media is screwing with that. On the other hand, I am also learning how to use it for the purpose of entertainment and education it was meant for.

I would like to confirm when Melissa gets here but I believe I just found out a Puffin is one of my spirit animals. Can you have a few? I am not sure but I joined TikTok and it's bringing me joy in a new way of not searching for likes but searching for fun and inspiration. I looked up a puffin after it showed up as my animal on a random TikTok game and the definition along with how to use my puffin power was so spot on, it couldn't be a coincidence and as Melissa always confirms, there are no coincidences.

This afternoon Melissa and I are going to dig into the redirects and how those moments shape who we are. The decision to listen or to ignore will be the basis of how slow or fast you move to the next level. I'll just drop Ciara's, "Level Up" right here

To assist with your level up we are gifting one of our listeners with a journal to assist with your gratitude provided by Inklings Book Shop

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We will begin at 4:30 pm on-air as well as live on our 107.3 KFFM Facebook page. As always it's for entertainment purposes. We will try and read as many of you as we can and Melissa even goes back through later to answer more questions.

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