Aubrey O'Day walked off last night's 'Celebrity Apprentice' show and you were almost thinking good riddance. I'm a fan of the show and she has driven me insane the last few episodes. I realize that this is just reality TV and the editing done by the editors can be misleading but someone has to take my side on this. I was glad that Arsenio Hall laid the smackdown on her.

She was rude and venomous to her new teammates ...insulting them and taking as much credit for the win as she possibly could. Lisa Lampinalli is crazily standing behind Aubrey and I see those two going down as a pair in destruction...I guess with age comes with wisdom and once Aubrey looks back years from now, she'll see how misguided she was in handling people around her ...or maybe not ...

What do you think of last night's episode?? are you ready for Aubrey to get fired by The Donald??


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