Azealia Banks slammed Grimes’ latest album.

Banks criticized the singer's new record, Miss Anthropocene, in a series of Instagram stories on Friday (February 21).

The 28-year-old reviewed every aspect of the album including her vocals, production, graphic design and subject matter. None of the critiques were positive.


Aside from the lack of "iconicness," Banks dissed Grimes' boyfriend Elon Musk. "Lol @ Elon paying to trend Grimes' trash album over the pop smoke & Coronavirus news," she wrote.  "Elon should have been promoting her album instead of distracting with his ketamine music," Banks added.

"That secondary stock option looks like another greedy scam... Ponzi Musk," Banks claimed, before alleging that he will be "the cause of an intense Coronavirus outbreak in California."  She concluded, "Let's find me a billionaire and do it the right way."

Aside from the negative album review, the women have been feuding for over a year. In January of 2019, Banks leaked alleged text messages between her and Grimes. She also claimed that Musk was on acid when he tweeted about taking Tesla private.

Read her statement in full, below.

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