I am hoping that the Yakima Libraries copies this amazingly cool idea for a limited-edition Baby Yoda library card!

If they offered it here in the Yakima Valley, I would be one of the first people in line to get one. I would even camp out overnight with a tent, heater, and a makeshift campfire, just like gamers do when they want to be the first to snatch a Nintendo 64 (or whatever it is they are camping out for these days)!

For one thing, if the Yakima Libraries sold BABY YODA LIBRARY CARDS as an upgrade to our existing plain ones, it could be a MAJOR fundraiser for them, just saying!

Oh, my goodness, Baby Yoda is sooooo cute!

I first became a huge Baby Yoda stan a couple of years ago when I purchased my Disney Plus subscription. I had decided it was a great thing to have because, at the time, my daughter Willow was 8 years old. She was pretty much obsessed with Princess and the Frog, Brave, and the updated Lion King. I, on the other hand, was obsessed with seeing Maleficent 2 before anybody else.

My Disney + subscription has paid off for me in dividends because I fell in love with the Star Wars spinoff show, The Mandalorian. Season 3 is supposed to be out in early 2022, but I cannot wait patiently until then, just saying.

When I tell you that I am obsessed with this show, I mean it. I found the full-length version of the show's theme song, "The Mandalorian" by Ludwig Göransson, and in a wine-induced tipsy crying fit, I listened to the song and sang my own made-up lyrics to the instrumental at least 20 times in a row--I am NOT kidding. Something about that bangin' drumbeat and those symphony trombones and violins brought out the beast in me!

I also used that popular "Baby Yoda sipping gif" whenever somebody was spilling the tea about something on social media.


I watched Season 1 at least twice, and I think one time I had a Baby Yoda screensaver on my phone.

I started following actor Pedro Pascal on Twitter.

I watched all of the behind-the-scenes episodes. I found some Mandalorian episode podcast reviews on my Stitcher phone app. I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D, I tell you!


Just know that I will knock over any little kids that try to push and jump me in line to get my Baby Yoda library card. Y'all little babies have to wait your turn in line behind me, the grown folks are talking (about Baby Yoda)!

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