April 7 is reserved for National Beer Day in the United States. One of the local favorites, Bale Breaker Brewing Company, did a quick video on what they're all about.

Bale Breaker is a family business with hops first being planted in the Yakima Valley back in 1932 and distributing those hops all over the world. Now, the great-grandkids, Meghan, Kevin, Kevin and Patrick, still distribute but also make an awesome beer right on the hop field. So many restaurants and wineries have been doing this, now it's time for beer to showcase 'from the farm to the table' mentality. It's a beautiful thing.

I'm a fan of what they do and support them whenever I can. They have a lovely area where you can enjoy the outside and even, occasionally, feature live music and local food options from food trucks.

April 7, National Beer Day, a wonderful time to enjoy.

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