When I moved from Nashville, TN, to Yakima in 2002, I received a sweet going-away present from the Anheuser-Busch delivery man who had a crush on me: two whole cases of Michelob Ultra. I quickly became a huge fan of this beer and was quite disappointed when it was discontinued a few years back.

That is neither here, nor there. I said all of this to say, today is National Beer Day, and seeing as how I have spent all of my money last week on giving my six-year old daughter two golden-year birthday parties and a host of presents, my wallet is nearly too empty to celebrate. I said nearly, not completely!

I found some great beers to pair with some leftovers and stuff I had around the pantry, stuff like pepperoni pizza, chili, mac & cheese, and a leftover buffalo chicken sandwich from Domino's pizza.

I paired each with beers that I bought from Deep Sea Deli: a Birra Moretti blend and a couple of brews from Bridgeport Brewing Company, including a Stumptown IPA, which was recommended to me by the cute cashier. I am quite pleased with my food pairings. I hope you will find them tasty, too!

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