Celebrating one of our valley's premiere cash-crops, I'm a huge fan of Bale Breaker, what they do, what they represent and, of course, what they produce. They do a few seasonal ales but their fourth installment of of a beer you can get anytime comes with a great story.

Leota Mae IPA is coming late September. Meghann Quinn is the business manager of Bale Breaker and Leota Mae IPA is named after her great-grandmother as it was her great-grandparents who first planted hops in the Yakima Valley.

It only makes sense our hop harvest, in thanks to this family, honors with a cold, refreshing beverage.

“My great-grandmother and the matriarch of our family, Leota Mae, worked sunrise to sunset cultivating the land we still farm today. As our family starts our 86th consecutive hop harvest, this new IPA pays tribute to our family’s legacy and the woman who started it all.”

Look for it on tap and in stores late September with a Northwest distribution in late October.

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