Hemp & Hops Fest at Fairgrounds in Yakima This Weekend
We've been hearing more and more about the relationship between hops and hemp lately. As the Yakima Valley is the hop capital of the Western Hemisphere, it stands to reason that hemp would grow and thrive plentifully in this region as well.
What kind of economic impact would the advent of hemp …
The 71 Best Things About Living In Yakima
Some folks from the Westside and in the Tri-Cities have unfairly ripped into the Yakima Valley and we think it's a pretty damn awesome place to live. So we compiled our list (with help from our listeners) of the 71 best things about living here:
They should've warned me
The Yakima Valley is a mixed bag of nuts, if you listen to the locals tell it.
When I first moved here in 2002, I was immediately told that the best thing about living in Yakima is leaving Yakima. That freaked me out quite a bit! I thought that meant that I needed to immediately pack my bags and head…
Cheers for Bale Breaker!
Definitely one of my favorite brewing companies, our very own Bale Breaker Brewing Company, wasn't merely named one of the top 101 beers in the United States -- it placed in the top 10!

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