September 6th is Barbie Doll Day. This isn't something I can speak on so much, but my wife collects Barbies, to an extent. She collects the Barbies she used to have as a child. Do you still have any Barbies?


I can remember playing with Barbies when I was much younger. Yes, that's right and, as much as they won't admit it, most guys played with Barbies if they had younger sisters. Growing up in a time when we had the one television that was usually on the news or something boring, we'd play with our toys. Sure, my little sister may have been Barbie while I was He-Man, we made it work. That was, until, one of my friends would come over unexpectedly so I had to pretend like I was torturing my little sister's Barbie and I'd be forced to pull the head off to make her cry. Yeah, I was a jerk, but I always put Barbie's head back on when my friends left.

So, if you still have them, I'd say bring out our shoebox of old Barbies and play dress-up with your little ones just for today.

What Barbies did you have?

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