I am kind of shocked that Beyonce and Jay-Z gave their twins some "ordinary" names!

Call me crazy (why not, everyone else does), but since they named their first daughter "Blue Ivy", I figured the names of their twins would be something like: Beezus and Ramona or Persimmon and Jayonce. I was way off base with my guesses, but I'm not the only one! People on Facebook made me die laughing because they took it too far trying to guess the names of these brand spanking new Gemini twins.

I've seen name guesses such as:

  • Mello and Yellow
  • Le'mondade and Hot Saucé (pronounced Saw-SAY)
  • Peachtree and Grassblade
  • Red Velvet and Green Apple
  • Hov and Hive
  • Brooklynsiana and Texasbama

Even the "fake news" was psyching people out last month, saying that she had twin baby boys (she had a girl and a boy).

And they have officially named them Shawn Corey Carter, Jr. and Bea Carter, aptly named after their parents, Shawn and Beyonce.

Awww. I can't wait to see them in pictures and I hope the sweet little premies get out of the hospital very soon!

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