Adorable identical twins Lillian and Diana Bajorek wage war over a single pacifier by forcibly removing it from each other’s mouths. Babies are undeniably cute, but as this video shows, sharing just isn’t part of their vocabulary yet.

Filmed in 2010 when the twins were nine-months-old, the video shows the girls swapping a pink pacifier. The clip went viral this week and has racked up nearly a million views, presumably among people hopelessly addicted to cute baby videos (like us).

Now two-years-old, the girls have given up pacifiers, but mother Lauren Seger says the clip often reminds them of their beloved binkies. “This video has now come back to haunt me because every time my girls see it they scream, ‘Paci!,’ she said.

Fortunately, Seger has uploaded tons of additional videos of the twins’ antics to YouTube, including clips where they feed each other yogurt, dance together and watch themselves on TV. Have we discovered the next big viral video stars?

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