This weekend I took a moment to relax and watch Beyonce's Netflix special Homecoming and let me tell you it left me inspired.

I have heard about the crazy lengths she goes for her performances. Back in the day she spoke about blowing a piece of paper against a wall to work on vocal strength, running on the treadmill while singing. The list goes on and on. Sometimes stars don't show the great lengths that are taken to create something unique. Beyonce took the time, showcasing the full force of the hard work and inspiration that goes into a performance like this.

Over 100 days of working-out, dealing with postpartum depression, being the first female to headline Coachella and getting everyone on board to see the vision you have been trying to create! Talk about pressure but also talk about passion! There is a reason they refer to her as #QueenBey

She crushed it in my opinion #blackgirlmagic

I loved it so much that I posted about it on Facebook afterward and used the was watching feature to tag, what I thought was the Netflix special. I noticed once it was posted there was a different picture than Beyonce's, thought it was strange, even made a little joke about it. Then I got a call from my husband. "You better take that link off, it just sent me to a porn site!" Buahahaahahahaahaha what!?

So I updated my post with this:

So Tyler just called to let me know the tag I used for Beyonce's Netflix special Homecoming, which is awesome, was a porn link! Hope nobody gets herpes  #coachella

That leads me into the rabbit hole of what went down at Coachella this year.

Apparently, there are sources saying that there was a crazy spike in people catching herpes and using a certain app to diagnose said herp. I just went to use a link for one of these stories and now I see a new article from Billboard Magazine saying the whole thing was fake. Always check your sources. :)

Be careful out there ;)





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