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It’s Friday once more, PopCrush readers, which means we’re (web) surfing a big ol’ wave of brand new tunes! If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of songs, desperate to know which tracks and videos deserve your attention, consider this your life preserver: Below, discover the best songs #NewMusicFriday has to offer.

“Use Me," Dominique
New York City electro-pop princess Dominique continues her rise on "Use Me," a slick, bouncy synth-pop song featuring licks of glossy R&B. A bittersweet ode to being hopelessly in love, the track's upbeat production is betrayed by a looming promise of heartache: "I will let you use me anytime / You like my beats, not me / But babe it's fine."

"My Boy," Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish, a.k.a. The Girl Most Likely to Conquer the Pop Charts, delivers yet another flawless taste of her forthcoming debut EP, don’t smile at me. "Alright dude, go trip over a knife," Billie deadpans in the middle of "My Boy," a jazzy, slinky little trip hop number that quickly peels away to expose a skittering electro-pop banger. "My boy's being sus and he don't know how to cuss, he just sounds like he's tryna be his father / My boy's an ugly crier but he's such a pretty liar and by that I mean he said he'd 'change,'" she coos, venomously. It's a brutal kiss-off.

"Midnight," Jessie Ware
Generously offering fans a taste of her upcoming third studio album, London's moody soul goddess Jessie Ware returns with "Midnight," an indigo hued bedroom jam as magical as a late night lovers' tryst. Jessie's voice shimmers like an opal on the dizzying, sensual R&B electro-ballad, layers of urgent desire slipping off like a silk negligee.

"Gran Ciudad (Barzo Remix)," Debi Nova
Costa Rican singer-songwriter Debi Nova gets the club treatment courtesy of producer Barzo on this new remix of her 2017 album's titular single, "Gran Ciudad." Transforming the folksy Latin acoustic ballad into a shimmering nighttime ode to whirlwind city romances, a cosmic wobbling bassline and an echoed vocal reverb crash together to create a starry-eyed electro anthem.

"Love Like You," Charli Taft
K-pop songwriter du jour Charli Taft (Red Velvet, Kim Lip) breaks out in a big way on her luxurious debut single, "Love Like You." The British pop artist sparkles on the flirty, glossy R&B bop, her smooth, sweet vocal melting like strawberry ice cream all over the '90s-inspired jam: "The way you hold me playing me close / Just ain't right / A love like you just won't do."

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