Here's one of my favorite movies of all time. It can be watched during Thanksgiving, which makes it a perfect movie to kick off the season:

It isn't a holiday binge without a Harry Potter marathon:

One of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies:

Major freakouts are always part of the holidays, so wouldn't it be nice to just pack up and take a cruise? Yeah, that's what the Kranks thought, too:

This was dark and full of Christmas all at the same time. Unexpectedly great:


Always read the label before putting on someone else's coat :)

If it's meant to be it will be:


You can actually do this :)

Is it Christmas if you can't get this one in?

For the hubs :)

And another one:

OK, one more:

Classic -- and now there are three of them to binge and enjoy:


Stuck, stuck, stuck:

People got all upset about this, but try and tell me if Kurt Russell looks EXACTLY like Santa:

Tim Burton's brilliance:

Jim Carey crushing Christmas for all the little Whoville girls and boys:

Back in the day, this was a go-to. I still have a crush on Sam Elliott:

A classic that totally makes me think of running around at my grandma's house:

What I am excited to add to the list this season:

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