Now that Black Mirror Season 4 has arrived, we can’t help digging for all-new theories and easter eggs. Season 4 standout “USS Callister,” for instance, gave us a major vocal cameo in its closing moments, but did you catch a certain A-list star wandering around the edges?

You’re warned of full spoilers for Black Mirror Season 4 (or “USS Callister” at least), but if the Star Trek meets Twilight Zone episode weren’t already brimming with star power like Jesse Plemons, Jimmi Simpson and Cristin Milioti, at least two A-listers made brief cameos. Easiest to recognize among them was Breaking Bad star and BoJack Horseman voice Aaron Paul, who could be heard as the bratty gamer (or was that Todd?) encountered by the revamped USS Callister crew.

The other was a bit more easily missed. There’s one shot of the Callister Inc. offices (around 10:02) that features Jesse Plemons’ Fargo co-star and real-life fiancée, Kirsten Dunst. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Black Mirror Kirsten Dunst USS Callister

The character only briefly enters from the left and disappears off-screen a moment later, as Nanette Cole (Milioti) meets the rest of her co-workers. Judging by the side-eye, we have to imagine Dunst is keeping close watch on the object of her (fictional) fiancé’s gaze. Admittedly, we may be projecting.

We’ll have a more comprehensive look at the many Black Mirror Season 4 easter eggs soon, so stay tuned for the latest in the meantime.

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