Now that the civil case has concluded in the death of Bobbi Kristina, her dad Bobby Brown is hopeful that criminal charges will be filed against her boyfriend Nick Gordon, who he holds responsible.

The veteran singer spoke about the case during an episode of pastor T.D. Jakes' new talk show and said he's now waiting for the district attorney to act.

"I don't know the specifics of what happened, but as the judge has said, he is legally responsible," said Brown. "I know some things that happened to my daughter, but it's up to the D.A. now to do his job."

It's been a year and couple of months since Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub in her Atlanta home, which her father said never made any sense to him.

"My daughter was afraid of tubs because of what happened to her mom," he explained. "So I know she wouldn't have gotten in the tub. I mean, it's crazy, because the tub wasn't even full of water. It had a dustpan in it in the bottom of the tub."

Earlier this month, Gordon failed to appear in an Atlanta, Ga. courtroom to face the civil charges, which resulted in him losing the case. His former lawyer, however, said the 26-year-old didn't have proper representation, which is why he didn't show.

"As I understand it — and I am not representing Gordon — he did not have a lawyer for this civil case and because he failed to respond or to appear, the court simply granted Plaintiff's requests to assess liability," said Randy Kessler in an interview ET.

As it pertains to Brown and how he feels about the potential of Gordon being charged criminally, he's just looking forward to the D.A.'s final decision.

"Until then, just knowing that he's legally responsible for my daughter's death has given me a bit of calmness to waiting for that D.A.," said Brown. "There's a lot of strange things that will come out in the criminal charges against Nick."

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