Last night I watched "Bombshell" and was blown away by this film. The acting from these three, including John Lithgow, was superb and sheds a light on REAL issues that are happening every day in the work place.

The fact that this is a real story, with real women, made it hit even harder and I applaud them for their bravery, even if they didn't choose to have their story replayed on camera.

It's so easy to say, "I would have handled that differently" until you are in the situation. Most of us pretend like we didn't hear what was just said, or attempt to change the subject, thinking if we can move forward, maybe it won't happen again. But the sad reality is, a predator is a predator is a predator. Male or female, they are searching for that opening and what you do next can really mess you up if you don't speak on it.

Know you are not alone. Gretchen, you're a flipping incredibly strong and wonderful woman. My heart hurts because I know that feeling of navigating a male-run business. The comments, the assumptions and the derogatory language. When you bring something up you are labeled as "aggressive," "combative," "a bitch," or even "a liar." Stand your ground.

This film captures all the moments, from a lot of different angles. The pain, the reasons for coming forward or staying silent. How we women and men support and also don't support each other. It captures the power of the elite and how they protect each other. How fiercely we protect our families and private space and also how in an instant, everything you have built can be transformed.

It also brings up a question I am sure a lot of us have asked ourselves, "What if I would have said something sooner?"

Below the three stars discuss their take on the film

Here is Gretchen, the real person. Behind the smiles, there were some serious issues going on. Spoilers included if you haven't watched the movie.

Super interesting to listen to the real people involved and what they took away from the film.

Speak up for the future victims who are about to have their lives crushed. Perhaps you could save someone from pain. Speak up when you hear someone whose just wrong when it comes to the treatment of others. No one is better than another human being.

We all must rise up.

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