"That's what you get when you pick a rose..."

Bonnie McKee invites you into her enchanting Garden of Eden on "Thorns," the underrated pop star's smoky, sultry, surprising new single.

"Love me, hate me, ain't no daisy / You want safety? Find a daffodil / I can help it, wild, reckless / Leave you breathless, tangled up in silk," McKee sings over a bouquet of dark, blooming synths on the floral-themed R&B pop jam, boldly veering into new sonic territory for the superstar songwriter.

"'Thorns' is an exciting new direction for me. I am known for my bright, bubbly pop music, and I still love that and my heart is bursting with it! But what a lot of people don’t know about me is, despite my bubblegum tendencies, I’m a pretty tortured and twisty weirdo," the artist shares exclusively with PopCrush.

"I’ve been through a lot. I have a pretty dark and shady past, and because of that I have some deep seeded defense mechanisms; thorns, if you will," she adds. "I am guarded, and even when I love people dearly I have a hard time connecting fully. 'Thorns' is my exploration of this side of myself, and also serves as a bit of a warning: If you want the rose, then you get the thorns. Loving me takes patience… Handle with care."

Listen below:

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