Ridiculously photogenic couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now engaged. The story broke when Beverly Hills’ jeweler Robert Procop told The Hollywood Reporter that he had designed an engagement ring for Jolie.

According to sources, Jolie had been spotted wearing what looked to be an engagement ring earlier this week. Pitt’s rep has since confirmed the engagement.

Pitt, 48, and Jolie, 36, have been dating since 2005. They have six adopted and three biological children together.

In the past, Pitt has said that he wouldn’t marry Jolie until gay marriage was legalized all over America. “We made this declaration some time ago that we weren’t going to do it till everyone can,” Pitt explained during the debate in California over Proposition 8. However, in recent months, word has leaked that Pitt finally wanted to lock Jolie (and her meme-tic leg) down.

There had recently been tabloid speculation that Jolie had admitted to cheating on Pitt early in their relationship, causing a “blow up” between the two. Does this have anything to do with today’s unexpected announcement? We will surely find out more in the coming days. In the meantime, take our poll about Brangelina below.

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