Is Lady Gaga engaged? What the? Who the? How the?

The Mother Monster’s photog friend Terry Richardson has been posting photos from the Born This Way Ball tour and earlier today (May 13), he shared a photo of Gaga with a diamond on her left ring finger and the caption “Gaga showing off her new engagement ring.” Wait, what?

The rainbow-haired, black taloned Mother Monster is pointing to the ring and smiling and/or laughing, as her mouth is open. She’s rocking tons of gold and black block jewelry and glasses that look like they have talons, too. But it’s that ring on her digit that’s got everybody talking.

As for that rock? Well, we think Terry may be kidding, not to mention starting a whole mess of rumors in the process since Gaga and her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney reportedly split once the BTWB tour started.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that the ring represents Gaga’s commitment to and union with all of her little monsters. She can’t marry a mortal man; she has monsters to wed, metaphorically speaking. She has also said that things like marriage and kids have to wait. She also said divorce is not an option for her in life, so it’s not like she would enter into an engagement period lightly or without sharing the news — via Twitter, of course — with her millions o’ monsters.

This photo, while fueling rumor mills, is likely a little joke on Gaga’s and Terry’s part!

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