As ballot counting continues in the Yakima County Auditor's Office from last Tuesday's general election the voter turnout number has increased from a low 18% on election night to now 31.21%.

Brown was declared the winner in the District 6 city race

Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says after Monday's count  Matt Brown was declared the winner in the race for the District 6 seat on the Yakima City Council winning by 64 votes.
The race however that Ross is watching closely is the race for the District 3 seat on the Yakima County Commission between incumbent LaDon Linde and Autumn Torres. The two are separated by 101 votes with Linde still in lead.

Linde continues to lead in the race for the Yakima County Commission

Linde is leading with 18,902 votes compared to Torres with 18,801. The race is now within 0.27%. An automatic recount is happens when there's a half a percentage point difference or 0.5%. So it's likely the county will conduct a hand recount in that race. Ross say results of a recount won't be available until December if that happens.

A handful of ballots are left to count on Tuesday

About 50 damaged ballots are left to count on Tuesday afternoon. Ross tells KIT News;

"We will post another results count today at 3:30 and this will be the last posted results until we conduct the Canvassing Board meetings. It is looking like we will have two races to recount. One is a Toppenish School Board position with just over 1,000 ballots, we will do that one first then we will do the County Commissioner race and that is just over 40,000 ballots. None of that work can start until after the certification meeting at noon on 11/23. Our teams will probably take a break and begin the recount after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Any and all activities related to the recounts will occur during normal office hours and are always open to the public for observation. Recounts are done in the basement office and formal public will be done. We expect to conclude the recount in late December."

The last count happens Tuesday afternoon

127,362 were issued to registered voters for the general election. So far the auditors office has counted 40,666 ballots.
Another count happens Tuesday.
The election will be certified on November 23. Auditor Charles Ross says when all the counting is over he was expecting a 34% turnout but it's looking more like it'll be close to 32%.

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