Buffalo Wild Wings is going to make sure they're ready and everything is working properly by postponing their open date by one week. The new open date is December 12 at Valley Mall.

This is the first Buffalo Wild Wings we've seen in the Yakima Valley. I'm personally looking forward to it as, sure, we have places that sell wings in town, but none that specialize in buffalo wings. You can expect 21 flavors in both sauces and dry rubs. They're also set to have 36 beers on tap.

Their tagline is, "Wings, Beer, Sports." We've covered the wings and beer but they'll also be a destination for sports, too. They offer out-of-market games and all the college games that are worth watching. They even open Sundays at 9 a.m. to accommodate the early morning football crowd.

So mark your calendars for Dec. 6. We'll finally have a Buffalo Wild Wings in Yakima.

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