Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard the story of 68-year-old Karen Klein, the school bus monitor who was mercilessly bullied by middle school children, and the oodles of money that were raised through Indiegogo.com to send her on a well-deserved vacation. Klein appeared on ‘Today’ this morning and discussed her plans for the more than $640,000 raised so far.

According to Klein, she plans to invest the money and donate some to unspecified charities. The grandmother of eight will also give some to her children and grandchildren. “They need cars, they need, they need, they need. It never ends,” she said.

With 26 days left to go in the fundraising campaign, donations will no doubt continue grow, and Klein is at a loss to explain such generosity. “I keep thinking, ‘What have I done?’ It’s like, I don’t almost feel like I deserve it,” she said.

While Klein is grateful for the donations, she’s just as thankful her story has trained a spotlight on the epidemic of bullying. “What I am glad about is the fact that it had come out and everyone knows what goes on,” she said. “I’ve gotten so many notes from people who have been bullied, who’ve been very hurt. My heart goes out to the these people and I would like to contact every one of them and tell them how sorry I am.”

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