This past Sunday, my 7-year old daughter, Willow, and I headed out to the sweet city of Selah to visit my friend, Jessica and her 6-year old daughter, Kira.

Jessica had set up a small wading pool for the girls to splash in and a Slip-N-Slide, too. She told me she also had some cheap water balloons that she had bought from the Toys R Us 'Going Out Of Business Sale' for just $5 bucks! She wasn't sure if the 8 pack of Zuru "Bunch O Balloons" were any good, but I told her since Toys R Us never sold a "cheap" version of anything, they would probably be some quality water balloons.

*insert your own "Waterboy" movie "High Quality H2O" balloons joke somewhere in here*

Anyway, we decided to break open the box of balloons and test them out ourselves before giving them to the kids. They are extremely easy to use. Simply hook up the balloon hose thingie to your water hose and the water does all the magic! Once the balloons are full, they will pop off by themselves. (We didn't know how to use them because we didn't read the directions, so we pulled them all off from the stem. It was fun to do, though!)

I wish we had this water toy when I was a kid! Wow! I give the 8-pack of Zuru Bunch O Balloons a total "Thumbs Up"! They will keep your kids (and you) very happy all summer long. No more sitting there for ten or fifteen minutes trying to fill up a bunch of tiny balloons with water and then tying them all up! The only negative thing about the Bunch O Balloons (or any water balloon, for that matter) is the CLEAN UP you will have to do on your lawn to pick up all the little broken balloon bits, although that "problem" can be easily solved by making the kids pick them all up! HA!

Anyone know where I can find them in Yakima now that Toys R Us is gone?

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