I'm looking at buying a house. That may or may not be a secret. The one secret I've had in my back pocket this whole time - I don't have any money saved up for a down payment. Although you need something of a down payment for most home loans, it turns out there are types of home loans that don't require a down payment.

To make sure that, when I find my perfect house, I can get the ball moving, I stopped by Cobalt Mortgage and spoke to Dirk Bernd about what options I have. Knowing my financial situation, we did have a couple of options.

Naturally, you want to have a down payment. If you can get 5% down, you may be in pretty good luck. And, in the meantime, I'm saving money as we speak so when it comes time to buy a house, whether it's tomorrow or next month or next year, I'll have more than I had yesterday. If there is NO money in your bank account, Dirk did know of a special program that makes it so you can buy a house without a down payment AND low interest. I was blown away!

If you're in my situation - you wanna move and buy a house, but you don't have anything for a down payment, I'd say swing by and speak to Dirk Bernd and see what he can do for, no matter what kind of house you're looking for.

Now that I'm approved, I feel pretty good about finding that house. Now, it's time to give Daniel a call again and look at some more homes!