Motto or mission statement, words like these, put into action, can change the world.

To change lives in the communities we serve by feeding the hungry today, and building a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow!

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That's what it says at the top of the Selah/Naches Food Bank website and while they already have an important story to share, there is more work to be done.

Big Need / Big Plans

First, the food bank now operates out of the Selah Civic Center with limited hours and the space is too small to effectively meet the growing need  The food bank warehouse is in a school district portable at another location which results in too much hands-on labor to move the food around. (and the clock is ticking on how much longer that facility will be available).

The idea is to have a new location with more flexibility in hours of operation that will provide a much larger food storage space while increasing accessibility and outreach.

The Food Bank serves the food needs primarily of residents in the Selah and Naches School Districts which include the communities of Selah, East Selah, Naches, and Gleed.

Making Progress Already

The plans are on the drawing board and the wheels are already turning on the 4,200 sq ft building project with 7-tenths of an acre plot having been purchased, located at the corner of Goodlander Road and North Park Drive in Selah, behind Grocery Outlet.

The fundraising is underway as well with a goal of $750,000. The website has a donate button and supporters can send donations to:

Selah Naches Food Bank
P.O. Box 1029
Selah, WA 98942.

Help Your Neighbors, Jump On In

The tiered approach to fundraising looks like this.

Founder $25,000

  • One time cash donation of $25,000 or more

Pillar $10,000

  • One time cash donation of $10,000
  • Loan of $25,000 or more (to be paid back within 3-5 years)
  • In-Kind Donation (your time/supplies donated equal to $10,000 or more)

Builder $5,000

  • One time cash donation of $5,000
  • In-Kind Donation (your time/supplies donated equal to $5,000)

Gold $2,500

  • One time cash donation of $2,500
  • In-Kind Donation (your time/supplies donated equal to $2,500)

Blue $1,000

  • One time cash donation of $1,000
  • In-Kind Donation (your time/supplies donated equal to $1,000)

Friend $500

  • One time cash donation of $500

If all goes well, organizers hope to have a building shell up this winter and the Food Bank open for business in the Spring of next year.

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