I just came across the need for help identifying three residents who decided to steal an elderly person's checkbook and then used it at Fred Meyer


These individuals fraudulently used an elderly person's checkbook at Fred Meyer. Please help us identify who they are! If you recognize them, please contact Detective Matt Lee at 509-575-3042. Case # 20Y016890

The Suspects the YPD needs help identifying

There will always be yahoos afoot so it's important for us all to work together to stop this kind of cold-heartedness. We are all supposed to be wearing masks but they have decided to break all the rules so at least it will be an easier time figuring out who they are. Credit for noticing no masks goes to Robert Johnson and for breaking all the rules well that credit goes out to Hillary Blisard Emerson.

I know there are people assisting those that can't go out so please everyone be careful with who you are giving your personal information to.

My Aunt Pat loves listening to the police scanner and sometimes when I hear sirens zooming by I click on and try to decipher what's up but there are also social media sites that are on it as well.

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