Because I have a son and daughter with autism, stories like these always stick out to me. I saw this story about this car wash facility where most of its employees have autism both to give the CEO's son a working position and because "they have a great eye for detail." I couldn't agree more.

Rising Tide car wash in Parkland, Florida has 43 employees. Of those, 35 are on the spectrum. They love working there, they have fun working there and, as they said, they have a great eye for detail so it gives them the competitive advantage.

John D'Eri: CEO of Rising Tide Car Wash:

I wanted him to have a life. I wanted him to have a job. I wanted him to have friends that are like him. So, this car wash creates and answer for Andrew (his son) and also creates and answer for their mom who has taken care of him and has done all the heavy lifting.

This video goes on to mention that once you're off the school age, there isn't much opportunity for those with autism. There is a 90% unemployment rate for those on the spectrum. This car wash gives them an opportunity.

I hope more businesses can see what value people with autism have and how they can make any business succeed.