My son has autism and is mostly non-verbal. He can use echolalia at times (mimic what someone else is saying) but, for the most part, he doesn't speak unless he's asking for something. We use a folder to communicate with the teacher daily. What the teacher says he said the other day had my wife and I in stitches.

As the note reads:

Today Jaron said I need a good girl because I'm a bad boy.

What's more is my wife and I don't have a clue what he may have heard it from. It doesn't seem to be from any song we've played around him and doesn't seem to be a quote from a movie or tv show we've watched around him (our son isn't very interested in watching movies or tv shows) so we're not sure.

It sure was hilarious to see, though. We can only imagine the look on the teachers face when she heard it.

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