Beef has erupted between Cardi B and the City Girls' JT.

The static between the two female rhymers popped off on Monday (Oct. 3), and happened after JT shouted out GloRilla for her "Tomorrow 2" track featuring Cardi B debuting at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100—Glo's first top 10 hit and Cardi's 11th—but did not mention Bardi.

"I'm' not like that at alllll I been doing remixes & never got credited ON A CHART BUT they get sung word for word and help push the original songs as intended unlike y’all well I can’t even say y’all cause you don’t rap,you TWEET!" JT initially responded to a Tweet claiming she was salty because of GloRilla's success. "Congratulations Glo&stream FNF remix AND QUEENMIX."

"NAH actually the tweet was too long!" JT said when called out by a Twitter user for omitting Cardi from the congratulatory tweet. "PLUS Cardi Been having top 10’s I been congratulating her for years this is GLO first one, I’ve been ignoring y’all but y’all are hella annoying, move round & get off my DICK thank YOU!"

From there, the two rappers appeared to make subliminal childish insults.

"Lapdog," Cardi B randomly tweeted.

"I hope you don’t think you no BULLY!!!" JT posted shortly afterward. "Weiner dog."

"Go fetch," Cardi tweeted minutes later.

JT then made it clear that she was talking to Cardi by directly responding to her post, "Cardi you go fetch a real talent! We DM’ing why you come back here to put on a show for these KIDS?"

Cardi B then seemed to take exception to JT taking their issues public.

"So wait, me and you talking in the DM woman to woman, but YOU take it to your timeline and throw shots calling me a bully and a wiener," Cardi posted. "Why you playing dumb? And YOU talking about a talent?! haaaaa! You forgot P tried to put me on wit your writer?"

"Matter fact, I’m not even doing this on the timeline!" Cardi added. "It’s becoming real repetitive for doggy treats. We already addressing it in the DM’s. GOODBYE YALL."

JT shot down Cardi's assertion that she didn't write her own lyrics, and that City Girls needed Cardi's help when they collabed on the 2019 track "Twerk" because they couldn't do numbers by themselves.

"Cardi please I’m not impressed I don’t care I’m not bout to beef with you about YouTube girl is crazy?" JT replied. 

This is the second time in a week that Cardi has publicly beefed with another female rapper. Last Monday (Sept. 26), Cardi traded shots with Akbar V.

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