CeeLo Green made a grand entrance at Shawty Lo's birthday celebration in Atlanta by riding in on the back of a horse but ended up falling off his equestrian escort.

On Wednesday night (March 22), the family of late Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo held a celebration at The Bank Event Center in Atlanta on what would have been the "Dey Know" rhymer's 47th birthday. The all-black affair was attended by Goodie Mob's CeeLo Green, who turned heads when he entered the building on the back of a horse.

CeeLo amazed the crowd with his creative entrance, but apparently the horse was not feeling the lights, smoke, blaring music and dozens of people standing around in awe. After making a couple turns for the crowd, the horse begins to get agitated and moves erratically. His handlers try to keep the animal under control but are unable to wrangle the horse who buckles and sends CeeLo tumbling to the floor.

Twitter has been weighing in on the viral video.

"Like what is even happening? Why is Ceelo on a horse? Why is Ceelo relevant? I can’t with any of it!!!!" one Twitter user wrote.

"ION FCK WITH HORSES SINCE CEELO GREEN," someone else captioned the clip, semi-quoting a line from Nick Minaj's new single "Red Rudy Da Sleeze."

"They about to lock Ceelo up for animal cruelty the way he fell off that horse," another person posted.

Shawty Lo was killed in a car crash in September of 2016. His family and friends annually put on an event to celebrate his life on his birthday.

See Video of CeeLo Green Falling Off a Horse at Shawty Lo's Birthday Celebration and Reactions Below

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