A disturbing video has surfaced online today (Dec. 17) of CeeLo Green’s cell phone exploding in his face.

The shocking clip above shows security camera footage of the Atlanta rapper-singer in the studio talking on his phone when suddenly a huge blast of fire explodes in his face and he collapses instantly onto the floor. According to gossip blogs, Green was using a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone at the time but there hasn’t been an official confirmation of what phone he was actually using.

There’s also no word of how serious Green's injuries are or even if he's hospitalized. Also, we don't know when this video was recorded. Nevertheless, fans on Twitter have been sending their prayers out to Green.

We must also mentioned that Samsung has recalled its Galaxy Note 7 phones because they would heat up and catch on fire. In fact, Verizon Wireless will discontinue the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 on January 5, 2017.

But again, we don't have an official confirmation that Green was using a Samsung phone in this particular video.

Upon the footage leaking on the web, people have jumped on their Twitter timelines to offer their thoughts on this alleged video. Some people think the clip is totally fake, while others are worried about Green's health and well-being.

"That Ceelo video looks very fake... something doesn't add up... not even sure why a producer would post that...," tweeted one person. Another fan commented, "I hope @CeeLoGreen is ok! That video was horrible!"

If this video is legit, and if it Green was using a defective phone, an injury lawsuit is most likely forthcoming.

Either way, we hope that CeeLo Green is okay.

Check out people's reactions on Twitter below.

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