A few years ago I received an email from someone introducing themselves and said they were hoping to film a movie in the Yakima Valley. I told them I'd help however I could. It turns out that the movie, "Cement Suitcase," was not only filmed in the Yakima Valley and features several famous landmarks (the 'Palms Springs sign, Zillah's Teapot Dome Gas Station, etc.), it also includes many people from the Yakima Valley.

Good news! If you haven't seen "Cement Suitcase" yet, you can watch it now on Hulu!

I'm literally watching this as I'm typing this. Yes, I have a Hulu account, but I'm not signed into it right now. So far, it looks like you can watch this for free. I'll test it when I get home on my Hulu player to see if it works on TV, too. But from my computer, it's looking good!

Rick Castañeda, the director, is from Granger and has wanted to film a movie in his backyard ever since he got into directing. This movie is the perfect reason more people should consider how beautiful our Yakima Valley really is.

I missed out on auditions last time but, if there's ever a "Cement Suitcase 2," I'll get my portfolio ready!

See how many landmarks and people you recognize!