Oh, the hassle of getting out a bowl, finding a clean spoon and all that, making room on your table trying to read the news or watch YouTube or something while eating your cereal, probably spilling milk everywhere. What a disaster! No more! These guys created a cereal tumbler where you can eat cereal on the go.

Introducing the Cerio. It's an attachment you slip into most 30-ounce tumblers. You pour some milk into your tumbler, our some cereal into the Cerio attachment and, with every sip, you get a splash of milk and some cereal in your mouth, avoiding the need to have a bowl or spoon completely.

What a brilliant idea!

And it doesn't stop with traditional cereal and milk. You could do Coco Puffs with almond milk or ...

It's only $15 for early birds (or a little more if you want them to include a tumbler for you), and as big a cereal fan as I am, it might just be worth it for me.

See a working prototype in action:


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