Chance the Rapper made his fourth appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. This time he was the host of the Nov. 18 episode and for his monologue, Chano wanted to do something different.

Instead of promoting what he has going on, the Grammy-winning rapper wanted to promote the spirit of giving, which is why he wanted to donate $1 million to Chicago public schools. But there’s only one problem he joked - he doesn’t actually have the money. So for his monologue, he wanted to be the “Marey Carey of Thanksgiving” and perform a holiday hit so he can bring in the money.

The "Chance-giving" song, “It’s Thanksgiving Time,” features the Windy City native rap-singing about the family holiday where you invite “all of your relatives over for dinner, even the ones you can’t stand.”

During his performance, SNL cast members like Leslie Jones, Pete Davidson and Kennan Thompson popped up onstage to represent various examples of those family members you wish didn't come over for dinner. Among them include aunt Sharon who always shows you her gun and the sibling who always complains that "nobody’s woke."

Overall, Chance the Rapper delivered a sing-a-long monologue that we think everyone can relate to this holiday season. Watch it above.

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