If you have traveled recently and had to make hotel accommodations, you have no doubt worried if your hotel bed has bed bugs.

Two summers ago, I booked a trip at an extended stay hotel in Beaverton, and the bed bugs experience my daughter and I went through was HORRIFYING. We are both still figuratively scarred to this day about the aftermath. I had to throw away a two-thousand dollar mattress and my daughter's brand new clothes, bags and shoes. I also had to purchase a new mattress cover along with a steamer to hand-steam my other bed. The lingering bed bugs even caused friction with one of my child's family members! (Long story, don't even ask!) Let's just say that on my list of "Things & People Whom I Despise", bed bugs are in the top three!

I recently traveled to Washington, D.C. for a conference, and my travel buddy told me to check the Bed Bug Registry to see if the hotel I was staying at was on the list. Whew, it wasn't!

To see if your booked hotel is on the Bed Bug Registry List, click here.

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