Cheese may be the perfect food to me. I'll put cheese on almost everything. Extra cheese on my pizza, cheeseburger over hamburger, I put cheese in my chili and on my fries - I love cheese. If you're like me you'll be happy to know that there's a new restaurant opening soon that's all about cheese.

Cheese Junkies is set to open very soon in Yakima next to the 7-Eleven on 16th and Summitview (in the old Taco John's building).

Their menu features classics like cheeseburgers, mac & cheese of various styles, grilled cheese sandwiches and, the Yakima classic, cheese zombies.

They also feature items like poutine which is insanely popular in Canada but hasn't seen much action on menus in the United States. This combination of fries, cheese curds and gravy is perfect comfort food any time of year.

There's no exact date on when they open but you can be sure that I'll be in line to grab a variety to go soon as they do. Keep an eye on their Facebook page as they post updates often.

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