If you live on the Food Network like we do you've seen Guy's Grocery Game where Guy Fierei brings in some of the best chefs and cooks around the world to compete in a race against time with a whole grocery store in flavor town at their disposal.

When watching it I noticed that had special challenges that played both to the cook's strengths and weaknesses. So of course I got to thinking about which 3 restaurants in the Yakima Valley could make the cut.

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3.) Crafted on 1st Street

Crafted is loved by the entire Yakima Valley and is known for its amazing cooks and chefs that dedicate their time to creating new menus and letting you experience meals that you wouldn't expect to love. They would absolutely crush Guy's Grocery Game.

2.) Cheese Junkies on Nob Hill

Cheese Junkies is newer to the Yakima Valley but quickly loved by locals, if you think you can do cheese only so many ways Cheese Junkies would kindly disagree and reinvent the cheese wheel. (Pun intended) I imagine whatever type of challenge was thrown their way in Gy's Grocery Game they'd find a way to win using their cheese fusion skills.

1.) Cowichie Canyon  on Yakima Ave 

Cowichie Canyon Restaurant is known for its wide variety of foods on its menu, from burgers to dips, steaks, and salads, there can really do no wrong.  So any challenge put in front of them I know they would rise to the challenge and overcome anything Guy or the judges could throw at them.


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