What were you doing last night? If you wrote an awesome new song, than you and Chris Brown have something in common.  

Breezy shared a new track called 'Go to Way for Ya' via a shirtless video, where he grooves and sings along to his latest creation while showing off his tattoos and muscles. The R&B crooner has been previewing a lot of new music before his album 'X' drops on August 20, although we doubt this particular tune will appear on the track list.

The midtempo song has a smooth flow and sticks to the classic R&B sounds Brown has been praised for (and won a Grammy for). He does incorporate a bit of hip-hop though, rapping a few verses during the middle of the track. On the chorus, Breezy sings, "Let me go to war for ya / I'ma be your warrior / I’m gonna make sure you're safe for me / I'ma be smokin' that Cali / And baby me and you can fly."

What do you think of Chris Brown's new song 'Go to War for Ya'? Do you like it better than his duet with Nicki Minaj, 'Love More'?

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