Donald Trump has some competition when it comes to aggravating constituents.

Outspoken New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was caught on camera at a beach on Sunday (July 2), not even two days after he ordered a government shutdown due to a budget stalemate in the state that resulted in all beaches closing.

The frenzy and brushback only grew more intense when Christie, who is already battling low approval ratings as he heads into his final months in office, said later in the day he didn't get any sun while defending his actions. His spokesman also said Christie was telling the truth about not getting any sun because the governor had been wearing a hat.

This photo is merely the latest time Christie was caught in an awkward position. Remember how he looked while standing next to Trump after then-candidate Trump made a strong showing on Super Tuesday?

The sight of Christie lounging on the beach did not escape the ever-scrutinizing and ready-to-pounce eye of the Twittersphere, where people took aim right at him, whether to make a point about politics or something more base, like his hefty waistline.

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