UPDATE (Jul. 3): It's finally here! All hail Queen Gretchen.

The video, directed by Dario Vetere and David Campbell, was shot in Salvador, Brazil in collaboration with dance group Fit Dance, and choreographed by Fabio Duarte and CK Calasans.

And now, enjoy this "About Gretchen" love directly from the Capitol Records press release:

Gretchen shot to fame in Brazil in the early eighties with a string of hits including "Freak Le Boom Boom", "Melô do Piripipi" and "Conga Conga Conga" that became hugely popular in both the mainstream and dance scene, eventually going on to sell 15M+ albums worldwide. Notoriously known for her provocative lyrics and outspoken behavior, Gretchen is Latin America's 'queen of internet memes.'


Original post: For all the wonderful things Brazil has given pop culture, the gift that keeps on giving is truly Gretchen, the Brazilian singer-turned-butt-queen-turned-meme queen.

Long before Cuca was sassing up Twitter feeds, Gretchen (real name Maria Odete Brito de Miranda) and her larger-than-life personality graced social media and fan forums with the most dramatic GIFs and reaction memes. And now, thanks to Katy Perry, you're about to see much more of her.

On Sunday (July 2) the Brazilian star shared a teaser of herself starring in Perry's upcoming lyric video for "Swish Swish." Watch below:

"It was beautiful. I was moved several times," Gretchen wrote in the caption of the clip. "@fitdanceportal's choreography was awesome. And Katy's production was super professional."

The colorful video, which shows Gretchen and a group of dancers grooving on a neon-lit basketball court, will premiere in full on Monday, according to Gretchen's Facebook page.

Until then, feel free to rebola seu bundão to the teaser up top and see some reactions to the glorious news, below:

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