We all have been loving her new single "YOUR BODY" and today, Christina officially released the entire track list, plus tracks on the deluxe edition, for her new album up for grabs on 11/13/12.

Christina herself tweeted just today that all tracks have been revealed on www.christinaaguilera.com ~ I have to say, I just can't wait to hear them all.  Don't want to wait until November 13th to buy?  You can pre-order on iTunes starting October 30th!

The tracks are:

  1. Lotus Intro
  2. Army of Me
  3. Red Hot Kinda Love
  4. Make The World Move feat. Ceelo Green
  5. Your Body
  6. Let There Be Love
  7. Sing For Me
  8. Blank Page
  9. Cease Fire
  10. Around The World
  11. Circles
  12. Best Of Me
  13. Just A Fool feat Blake Shelton

DELUXE VERSION will include 4 extra bonus tracks:  Light up the sky, Empty Words, Shut Up, and Your Body Martin Garrix Remix

If you see a few familiar names on the list that is because XTina included a couple of songs featuring her co-hosts from the voice, Ceelo Green and Blake Shelton!



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