Ode to Christmas Budget Woes

Oh, the weather outside is delightful but my bank account is frightful, and since it's now Christmas time, shall I charge credit cards or decline? Yakima's expert financial advisor provides the three biggest tips for having a wonderful and stress-free holiday when it comes to money spent at Christmas time

Do You Spend Like I Spend?

Spending at Christmas

Everybody's got their thing and more than most fall into simple financial traps during the holidays. Thankfully Rob Vickers, who has been a financial advisor for over 30 years, breaks down an easy-to-follow game plan that will allow your holidays to be filled with memories and good times instead of tears and frustrations over not having enough.

1. Make Your List.....Check it Twice

Christmas Budget

Who are you wanting to shower with love this holiday season? Make your list and figure out what that it would cost, divide it among your people and then check that list again. Sometimes a monetary gift isn't as powerful as time spent creating a memory together.

2. You Can Take All That Plastic and Shove It

Credit Card
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The most important theme of the season is DON'T BUY THINGS ON CREDIT! Use the cash that you have, you don't want to be paying for Christmas all the way into April of next year. The rates on cards are so high it's a big mistake that many people make. Work hard to stay clear of the burden of debt, it's those small sacrifices that in the long run help you manage your money like a boss.

3. 'Tis the Season to Be Merry and Bright


Join the church choir for caroling, learn to knit sweaters at the community center, or create an epic board game and homemade pizza night for your favorite people. The Christmas season isn't about going broke to prove your love it's about taking the time to show your love through thoughtful acts and being present. A phone call or a handwritten note goes a long way so place the pressures of the season on the palm of your hand and flick them off because we aren't here for a long time but we sure are here for a good time. Spread it all around and have a wonderful holiday.

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