Even after a year and a half of non-stop touring, Chris Martin isn't ready to leave the road, but during the final Australian show of Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto Tour, he acknowledged that the band won't be touring again for a while.

"This is the last big show for three years or so," Martin said last week at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia. He added, "I don't want to stop."

Martin told the Aussie crowd of 52,500, "Thank you for the greatest job on earth. We're in the greatest place in the world." During 'Clocks,' he incorporated the Men at Work lyric, "We come from a land Down Under." Coldplay performed more than 20 songs during the concert, including hits 'In My Place,' 'Fix You' and 'The Scientist,' and Rihanna appeared on the video screen for a virtual duet on 'Princess of China.'

Coldplay fans do have a few more opportunities to catch the band before they pack away the confetti and neon-colored stadium lights for good, including a New Year's Eve gig with Jay-Z in Brooklyn. The Mylo Xyloto Tour, which featured nearly 100 shows in five continents, was memorialized with 'Live 2012,' a CD/DVD release documenting the tour.

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