Sometimes the weirdest pizza in town can be the BEST pizza in town. Just ask Seattle locals and the tourists who have “discovered” them.

I scoured the city of Seattle and the TikToks to find the best recommendations for finding weird pizza. There are so-called hidden locations and tried and true popular classic spaces to satisfy your cravings for all things weird.

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What qualifies a pizza as weird to me includes unexpected toppings and in some cases, unexpected sizes. Pickle pizza seems to be the latest fad. I give it a hard pass.



Some people think it's weird to seek out a place with Chicago Style pizza if you're visiting Seattle, but I think it's one of the best ways to get a pizza...

Sunny Hill Pizza in Seattle
Sunny Hill via Google Maps


My favorite kind of pizza, however, is Detroit Style, which is hard to come by in Seattle. And no, I'm not talking about the Pizza Hut Detroit Style special (even though it's not half bad, if I say so myself)!

@kenapeay Is this the best pizza in Seattle? #pizzatok #seattlecheck #seattlefood #cornellyseattle #pizza #p ♬ original sound - Kena


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Some say that Cornelly has the best pizza in Seattle, hands down, but it didn't make the weird list, as you'll see in the photo gallery below.

From vending machines to pizzas larger than life, we've likely got a pizza parlor that you'll enjoy, even if you are an underage mutant ninja turtle.


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