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I have the distinct honor of being the resident super-hero geek in the radio station and I've been watching the news lately concerning the re-boot and relaunch of DC Comics titles that will start over at issue #1 ... that means if you ever wanted to read a DC comic...now is the time to jump on board at ground zero...I know I'm picking up my copy tonight at Ron's Coin and Book in Downtown Yakima .. Jeff Hughes of Digitaltrends.com has all the details!

Marvel’s arch nemesis DC comics, the largest English comic book publisher in the world, is bringing its comic books to the digital world beginning this week. Their entire line of comics is getting a relaunch and titles will be available to be purchased online alongside the release in print.

52 comics will be getting new number one issues in the upcoming fall months. Justice League #1 is first up with superstars Geoff Johns writing and Jim Lee at the artistic helm. You can expect the first issues of Detective and Action Comics the following week, Green Lantern Wednesday September 14, and favorites Aquaman, Flash and Teen Titans on September 28.

The digital reading realm is a new and shaky venture for the comics giant. The idea for the redo and the digital format is of course to appeal to a new (younger) audience.

Jim Lee told USA Today that there was a lot of business implications riding on the digital move saying, “If everything goes well, it’s a win-win for everyone involved, from the fans to the retailer to the digital consumer to the publishers to the creative teams. That’s a lot on our shoulders.”

The digital initiative is the first for a major publisher where all its titles are released online the same day as the physical versions. Giant-size issues can be expected to go for $3.99, and the regular issues will be $2.99 with prices dropping a dollar off after a month.

Fans will be able to get their issues online as well as through apps for Apple devices as well as Android and Windows Phone 7. The DC app will run on ComiXology where comics will reside on users device and be able to be read offline; different from iTunes where actual files are downloaded.


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